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The World of John Hannafin

The World  of John Hannafin

Other Colors Summer Solo Show ~ Featured Artist for July

STEP iNTO THE SUBIME SPACE of Other Colors art gallery, the lobby of the Chester County Historical Society, or any number of other galleries near and far where a painting by John Hannafin is displayed. Look carefully at the artwork, then prepare to step into another world—one of adventure and color, and one with quirky buildings, unique landscapes and seascapes, and engaging characters and subjects.

John Hannafin is a dreamer and impressionist oil painter who seeks to connect with his fellow beings and express life’s beauty through uplifting colors, energetic brushstrokes and inspired artwork.

Hannafin was born in West Chester, Pennsylvania, and has had a deep love for drawing and art from a young age. Although he majored in economics and didn’t think it was possible to become a professional artist, he decided to learn to paint and pursue his passion full time after working in a cubicle, selling cubicles.

While creating an art publishing business representing other artists, he developed a personal style and eventually focused wholeheartedly on his own art.

In 2007, Hannafin began an on-going project, *Art Across America*, for which he travels around the country painting and filming national parks. His adventures and artwork have been featured on NBC, ABC, Fox News, public television and in printed publications. His creative excursions evolved into several shows at the Chester County Historical Society, a hardcover book and DVD, extended stays in Arizona and Florida. His adventures eventually expanded to his ancestral home of Ireland.

The artist is also known for his unique interpretation of historic architecture, often twisting and turning buildings to imbue them with a sense of spirit and character. Recently he first illustrated a children’s book, Dream BIG, Shine BRIGHT. When he is not traveling around the country, he enjoys walking outside his front door and painting scenes of his hometown. Hannafin welcomes art lovers to visit his new studio at 19 S. Church Street in downtown West Chester during seasonal openings and by appointment. (484-883-6596).

Inspired by music, nature and many artists of the past and present, John Hannafin seeks to follow his heart and make meaningful, original and authentic creations that uplift, soothe and inspire other people.

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